The enclosure to Health Minister's Decree of 14th July 2009 (item 973).

The Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, called further "Main Inspectorate", is the government administration office serving Main Pharmaceutical Inspector,

Main Pharmaceutical Inspector manages The Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate with the assistance of the Deputy of Main Pharmaceutical Inspector, general director as well as managers of organizational units listed in Article 3.

The Main Inspectorate consists of:

  • Department of Supervision;
  • GMP Inspection Department;
  • Department of Legal Matters;
  • Office of  General Director.


Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate

 Senatorska 12 Str.,
00-082 Warsaw

 tel.: +48 22 635 99 66
fax: +48 22 831 02 44

 e-mail: gif@gif.gov.pl